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Stroke Aid

Stroke Aid
Stroke Aid
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Rehabilitation and care aids 

Activity Stimulator - These lap pillows are great for those with "busy hands", this pillow provides a variety of activities to keep stroke affected person busy -  lacing, buckling, and zipping; an assortment of fabrics for tactile stimulation; pictures to stimulate memory; shape matching activity; Key ring to fasten a favourite item, are to name a few. Finger exerciser - Finger therapy combines physical aspects and occupational aspects of the entire hand, which includes hand, fingers and wrist. It involves rehabilitation of those areas with exercises to help stretch and strengthen their weakened muscles. This is accompanied by  Hand skates - For a range of motion exercises, well cushioned for comfort, and has Velcro straps to secure hand, and four ball casters for a 360 degree movement. Finger clips - Improve pinch strength and coordination with a pinch exerciser, with rubber grips for non-skid movement.  Stress ball - A handy massager to promote relaxation and improve blood circulation, helps relieve stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand. Rope & Pulley - This wall / window mountable overhead Pulley is ideal for those with weak upper body strength and receiving rehabilitation for it. It is a light duty wall mounted exercise in which there are no extra weights applied. Clay - This is a very popular mode of rehab, it involves fingers, wrists, arms, eyes and creativity. This multi coloured clay kit allows stroke effected to create endless combinations of colour, size and shapes. Board games - Card games, board games and puzzles are the most valuable tools in the hands of people who experience cognitive and physical deficits which are frequently associated with stroke. This kit comes with a set of board games and puzzles, specially curated for stroke affected. Light weight Foldable walking stick - To aid walking in normal manner, providing extra support while walking, folding enables ease of carry.

Self-help aids

 Button hook/zipper - A small hook with a long handle for pulling zipper or putting on buttons. Key turner - A special key turner with large handle for easier grip, provides additional leverage for turning keys, designed to hold 3 keys. Writing grips - non-slip re-usable rubber grips for writing comforts.Motion Sensor Night light - Reduce the risk of night-time falls by lighting the way; light turns on instantly when one gets up from the bed/chair.Care takers handbook - Care guide with instructions on how to use the products contained in this kit.

Dining aids
Apron - A protective washable garment worn over the front of one's clothes to protect clothing from spilled food, cut to size, with velcro to secure position. Scoop Plate - High-contrast coloured plate, with scoop edge to avoid spills, non-skid base ensures plate won't slide around during use. Bent spoon - An easy to use bent spoon specially designed for people having difficulty in reaching food to their mouth.Water sippers with straw - It helps patient take liquids in small quantities without spilling.

Medication aids

Pill Splitter, Crusher & storage - A multi utility product with a precision blade for cutting tablets, to make it easier to swallow or to administer small dosages,Storage to hold the cut tablets, and a crusher to crush the pills into powder to enable mixing with food or liquid wherever necessary.

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