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Therapearl Sports Pack With Strap

Therapearl Sports Pack With Strap
Therapearl Sports Pack With Strap
Product Code : NP 13
Product Description
THERAPEARL Sports Pack with Strap conforms to your body to deliver soothing relief from:
Pre Workout Stiffness, Post Workout Pains, Sore Muscles , Ankle Sprains, Knee Injuries, Elbow pain and more.
  • Freeze and Microwave
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Reusable.
Once you discover THERAPEARL’S healing power you will want to take it everywhere – and you can! The oval shaped sports pack with its adjustable strap lets you work or play comfortably. Use it at the Gym, the office, your in-laws anytime, anywhere you need icy cold or deep –heating therapy.

It’s perfect for sore knees and ankles, wrists and hands, shoulders and chest. The revolutionary Pearl technology absorbs heat and cold while the soft, pliable pack stays clean and dry against your skin. Its Hypoallergenic.

THERAPEARL Combines the healing power of HOT and COLD Therapy  into one convenient pack. Enjoy extra ordinary relief from your everyday aches and pains and feel the optimal therapeutic benefit as our Pearl Technology conforms to your body.

INTENDED USE: Reusable therapeutic HOT and COLD pack for use with common aches, pains, swelling and bruising. Packs are designed to retain a therapeutic temperature for approximately 20 minutes.
Benefits for Ice Therapy:
Ice therapy is one of the most common recommendations by doctors for injury prevention and recovery. Applying ice immediately after an injury or physical trauma (the sooner the better) constricts blood flow and slows bleeding/swelling. Ice therapy reduces pain and muscle spasm. Also, applying ice to the injured area decreases the metabolic rate of cells, which limits the risk of cell death after an injury and helps prevent long-term damage.
Benefits of Heat Therapy:
Heat therapy increases circulation (blood flow), effectively relaxing muscles and easing movement. Stimulating blood flow to injured areas once swelling has gone down promotes healing and speeds recovery of damaged tissue.

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